Thursday, April 12, 2007

Do you believe in ghosts?

I had only been in my house a few days and was still unpacking. I was sitting on my knees upstairs in the library with my head and shoulders in a closet when I heard someone say “Hello”. It was clear as a bell. I came flying out of the closet looking around. There was no one there. The voice was male. The windows were closed. I found no one in the house. I checked everywhere. Weird.

The next incident was several weeks later. I was bringing groceries through the basement. As I started across the basement I heard the phone ringing. My hands were full, so I decided to let the machine in the kitchen pick up. I clearly heard a male voice talking in sentences. I assumed it was the boyfriend. I finished bringing in the groceries and went to the machine to pick up the message. There was none. Weird.

A few months later, I was taking a nap on the sofa in the family room. Again I heard a male voice, this time saying my name. Again, I checked everywhere. Weird.

Then the voices stopped.

Now it is smells—not all the time, sometimes men’s cologne, sometimes strange food smells. Last time it was in my walk-in closet. The closet had been closed up all day. When I opened it after work to change clothes and the scent of cologne wafted out. It was a scent that was vaguely familiar. I own perfume but rarely wear it. So it was not me. Weird.

(I have had problems with closet doors staying shut too. That was weirding me out for a while, but that turns out to be the cat. He learned how to open the doors and apparently likes to sleep in the closet during the day. )

Why am I bringing this up? Today at work my cell phone rang. No one calls me at work so that was weird. I fumbled in my purse for the phone and when I answer, a male asks if it is I. I say yes. He then says he is sorry that it is a wrong number. I said “What?” He just kept repeating that he was sorry until I hung up. My friend Mel died a year ago in February. The guy on the phone sounded just and I mean just like him! Weird.

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Anonymous said...

This is a very awesome story and yes it would be like Mel to come and say hi to you.