Friday, July 6, 2007

Sitting Pretty

Lizzie came to live with my mother, the year she turned 6. It was during the Depression when things were dear. All of her friends had Momma dolls. My mother wanted one too. How do you tell a child that there is no money for such things? My mother had seen her in a catalog that had come to the house. Somehow my grandparents scraped together the money. My mother named her after her grandmother, Elizabeth Wood. My mother cherished that doll for years. I remember her from my child hood. But Lizzie fell onto hard times. I don’t remember how she came to live with me. She had a trip to a doll hospital and had to go to an ICU in PA. Then she got some spiffy new clothes and the first shoes of her life. My mother no longer wants Lizzie and she lives with me now. When you come to visit, you can find her in the blue room. She is looking pretty spry for a 70 year-old gal.

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Anonymous said...

This tugs at my heartstrings. I remember my "Sarah," long gone. But I still have my stuffed animals, now as antique as I am!