Friday, August 3, 2007

We all know--what can happen with zucchini

Uh-uh. It won’t happen to me.

I only planted 2 of each kind. (regular green zucchini, yellow straight neck, two new kinds of green 8 ball zucchini and Zephyr, a yellow squash with a green tip)
Yes, it has been pointed out, that this is eight plants. But, two of them were unknown to me, and--you never now.

The rule is: one of each kind for the Vine Borer and one for me. All in all, I thought that I was on top of it.

I have a very large group of garden devotees gathered over the last 10 years. I pick my veggies on the weekends and on Wednesday nights. So on Mondays and Thursdays, I walk into work with bags of goodies. Generally, whomever I see first gets first dibs; sometimes I have even had a line. I pick my squash young and small so there has not been a problem with dispersal. I always run out every time.

Yay!! The plan is working!!

Today, however, I found out that there has been some devotee theft. There has been some whining because I have occasionally run out of goodies and the news has spread far and wide.

As usual, I brought in my extras and to my surprise, no one wanted any.

Some people said that they still had squash at home (“All Squashed out”), others said that they had gotten some from a friend or a family member. One lady whose brother-in-law is now dumping zucchini ball bats on her; wouldn’t even look me in the eye when she said “no thank you…but, I will take any extra tomatoes or green beans.” “Did you say you were going to have new potatoes?” Her brother-in-law (he of the gigantic zucchini) did not think that he would have any of those to share.

Well, they can’t do this to me!!

They must take the squash! I am depending on them!

Well, maybe, I won’t bring in the extra beans or tomatoes!!

I ‘spose---I could make zucchini relish or pickles.
But, if they force me to do that, I won’t have any more to share….

Stay tuned to the unfolding drama from the flatland.

Murmuring guest from the flatland

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