Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Potato Leek Soup

Cut 4 LEEKS (or whatever comes in a bundle) into 1” pieces and wash well. You can use both the white and light green parts.

Peel and cube 3 large white POTATOES. I usually use Eastern. Because, well, I live in the east and they are cheap.

Peel and chop 1 ONION. Can be yellow or white. Red will turn the soup a funky color.

Boil BROTH or water and pour 3 cups over the vegetables. It is nicer with broth, but you can use water too. Cover and boil for 35 minutes. OK. Maybe not 35 minutes to the second, but until they are done.

Mash or blend the vegetables. (I use one of those hand-held blender things.)

Add Salt and Pepper to taste. I also throw in a little marjoram.

Add 3 cups scalded MILK. Return the soup to a boil.

Here is the secret ingredient: EVAPORATED MILK.

I substitute one of the cups of regular milk with a can of evaporated milk.

Yum. Enjoy. I know what I am having for dinner.


Angie said...

OMG. Sounds fab. Quick! I am off to the market to get a can of evap. milk. Who knew???

djbrown said...

Can't wait to try the evap milk! I throw a handful of cheddar in mine too, extra sharp.

Susan A. said...

So, how was it?

Mike said...

My favorite cookbook, The Bold Vegetarian Chef has a similar recipe with an even more unexpected secret sauce: cashew cream. A blend of raw cashews and apple juice goes great on potato leek soup!

Bevson said...


Huh! Interesting. Have you tried it? Many cultures use ground nuts as a thickening agent. I'll have to look for that book.