Friday, February 22, 2008


“Hey, aren’t you suppose to be in Argentina?” my neighbor called across the street as I stood in the blanketing snow leaning on my shovel.

“Yup. I had to re-schedule my flight.”

“Yikes,” she said, Will it be OK? “

“Hope so.”

Instead of slipping my freshly painted red toes into cute leather sandals and standing on the deck of a ship with the warm summer breezes lifting my hair; I pulled over them knee-high rubber-bottomed snow boots and I went out to shovel 6 inches of snow.

I am so colossally disappointed that all I can do is pace around my house. Instead of flying out today, I am forced to fly tomorrow. I called and had my flight re-scheduled and the cruise line notified that I would be late arriving. It is all I can do but it is cutting it too close for my comfort. I will worry until I am on board.

To make matters worse, I will not be able to see anything in Buenos Aires, birdlife or otherwise.

Why, oh why, did it need to snow on the one day when I needed to be elsewhere? We have had a lot of ice but it has not snowed much on the mountain this year. Normally I would slide off the mountain and go about my business. It rarely snows further south. Today the entire state got hammered.


Bevson said...

10 inches on the ground and more coming tonight.

Anonymous said...


So sorry about your trip! Hopefully it will all go off as planned tomorrow. My fingers are crossed for you!


Anonymous said...

So sorry that your trip was delayed and that your plans for Buenos Aires had to change. But love the picture of the glass of wine. By now you should be in the sunny South, soaking in all in. Enjoy it! PamH