Monday, June 30, 2008

Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

I spy with my little eye....something yellow.

I love yellow pear tomatoes, so this year when I decided to grow a few vegetables in pots, I scoured the local nurseries for a yellow pear plant. This one had the right picture on the little white plastic stake. But when it started to produce fruit, the small green beginnings looked suspiciously non-pear-like. They had no necks. My sister, the master gardener, confirmed over the phone that I had been misled. Instead, I have yummy ripe yellow cherry tomatoes. Delicious, low-acid, perfect, popped right off the vine. They are not what I wanted, but it's not worth making a fuss.


djbrown said...

Your sister is absolutely the Master Gardener MASTER!

Gina's Public Diary said...

Oh to have turning tomatoes! Mine are not looking so good yet. Yum!