Saturday, September 27, 2008

Birthday party hats

“I can make a hat out of a paper napkin. You start with a square.”

“No you don’t! You need a rectangle.”

I looked on in disbelief as first Ross then Louise started to fold their napkins into party hats. I have no idea how to make a party hat or anything else for that matter out of a paper napkin. (I can do a great octopus out of a straw paper though.)

We had finished a fantastic meal of chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, smashed potatoes with sour cream and parm and peas with pearl onions. Not to mention the Greek lemon soup to start. Louise had outdone herself again. Out of 6 friends, 3 of us have birthdays within days of each other. 2 others are a mere few weeks ahead. This year we all got together to celebrate.

As each hat was smoothed and folded, they were passed around the table until we all wore tiny blue “Happy Birthday” paper hats perched precariously on our heads. As we laughed over the silliness we had to keep adjusting our chapeaus to keep them from falling off. It felt good to laugh.

Of course there is a maverick in every crowd.

I would much rather have a get-together than a gift any day. Time is the one thing we can offer each other that costs nothing but is worth everything. Thanks you guys for making my birthday, no, our birthdays special. You are special and I treasure our friendship!


deejbrown said...

Friendship is the greatest gift of all when it is freely given, and just as freely received. And loved.

Anonymous said...

Too funny!!! They are very fetching. And how much did you all have to drink?

Sparverius said...

Truly, those are the "gifts" that last. Of course we can't remember 99% of the presents we are given, but we certainly remember time spent with good friends.

Alan said...

What a great dining room! I love the wood paneling. Is this your house?

Bevson said...

Hi Alan, Nope, not my house. It is a cozy dining room.

Anon...Sadly not that much to drink. We all had to drive home.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday.