Saturday, December 20, 2008

Six Random Facts Meme

Kyle from As the Mind Wanders tagged me with the "Six Random Facts" meme. So I sit here pondering 6 random facts. Do they need to be weighty, or silly or what. Let's see....

1. I have taken quite a few classes at the CIA. No, no, the other CIA, the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. They have hands-on full-day Saturday classes. Loved it. Totally fun. Learned a lot too.

2. I went sand-sliding out in the desert in Dubai in a 4X4 with the widows rolled up and crazy Bedouin music blaring from the stereo. Now, that was a whack-a-do thing.

3. Hazy, Hot and Humid are my 3 favorite words, seriously. I hate the cold and snow and ice and ugh. Really, I would say the same in August.

4. I could listen to my ipod for 17.6 days before I had to repeat a song. Most of the music is from around the world and in other languages. Think voice as an instrument.

5. The first car I ever owned was a silver VW bug with a sun-roof. I paid a whole $500 for it. I thought I was hot stuff, never mind that the floor was rotted out and I would get soaked if I ran into a puddle.

6. I have a weaving studio and a loom that I have only used twice in the last 8 years.

Here are the rules for Six Random Things:
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Christopher said...

I grew up right down the road from the CIA (in Poughkeepsie) and my father took some classes there too. Now he's taken over the kitchen. Mom is a wonderful cook (whadda you want, she's Italian!) and now dad is too - and I love going home for the holidays!
Sand-sliding in the desert in a 4x4 sounds like a blast!!
Thanks for sharing these!