Saturday, May 16, 2009

Star Trek Memories

It was 1966. I was sitting on my grandparents couch being bored, and a brat no doubt, when I picked up the little TV Guide (remember those?); on the cover was a picture of a man with pointed ears. The idea of a man with pointed ears living in outer space did not compute for me. What an Earth-shattering concept. I thought all pointed-ear folk were fairies and lived in Ireland. Grandpa Omer leaned over to see what I was prattling on about and laughed; when he did a puff of sweet- smelling smoke washed over my face. I wanted to watch it, but it was mid-afternoon and the show was not on. He laughed again and went back to watching whatever was on TV and I wandered outdoors. Born in 1903, I'm sure he thought all the space stuff was nonsense, just like fairy stories. Boy, oh boy, if only he could see what this nonsense has become.

I fell in love with science fiction at that moment and have loved Star Trek very since. Spock was my favorite. My sister was more of a Kirk fan. We watched the show avidly and would discuss it for days afterward. We each had our favortie episodes and argued about them even the 15th time we had seen them in re-run. In my opinion the original series was the best of the entire franchise (although I do have a fondness for Jean Luc too.) Holding on tightly to my fond memories of the original, I have been struggling over whether to see the new movie or not. Some of my Twitter buds have loved it so I am leaning that way. Are you a Trekkie? What do you think? Have you seen it?

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