Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Going Through a Red Phase

Have you noticed? Every annual I have bought this year has been blood red. I wish you could see these Zinnias. They are deep saturated red. Like a hankie after a nosebleed. Mmm, maybe too gross. How about freshly washed fire engine red? Or the puddle-of-ketchup-next-to-your-fries red. I can't remember the last time I saw pure red Zinnias.

It started with the Red Petunias matched with red verbena and white petunias in the face planter. I didn't pick the white, they came already planted together.

I thought to mix this Verbena to go with the red Zinnias, but I sorta like it alone on the pedestal.

The splash of color certainly brightens up the yard.


Kate said...

Love that red. Love to wear it and love to see it in the garden. Beautiful photographs. Thank you.

deejbrown said...

Not to mention that red is a RB Throated Hummingbird magnet! Red to red!

dAwN said...

My dad loves red flowers too..Here in his garden..lots of red..and also bits of yellow.Beautiful flowers!