Sunday, March 21, 2010

Third Grade Homework and the Indian Maid

I had worked in the yard all day and had just settled in for a chat with my tweeps on Twitter when the phone rang. A small voice asked if she could come to my house to do her homework. She told me she needed a change in scenery. I have not helped with homework in years.
Deep breath. Alrighty then. Homework.

In addition to writing a book report, she had to create a poster reflecting the main character. As you can see, she was working on Pocahontas. We looked at the drawings in the book to get ideas, then scrounged around in the studio for yarn, beads, raffia, a feather, and some felt. The only thing she did not know how to do was braid hair. So I showed her how to do it.

I think the poster came out really cute.

I am now waiting for the next phone call.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bev, that's awesome that your little neighbor came to you for help with her homework.

The poster is terrific! I'm sure she got an A on her report.

Ann Marie