Thursday, September 30, 2010

Milwaukee Art Museum's wings

From the minute I said I was going to Milwaukee, people perked up and said I had to go to the art museum. Not to see the art, but to see the building. It has wings that open and close. In variably they would stand up and slowly open their arms to imitate wings. I was intrigued.

So, I cabbed over to the museum at 9:45 on my first day in Milwaukee to watch the Burke Brise Soleil unfurl. Two workman directed me to the walkway and told me to listen for the fanfare. That's when they would start to open.

I stood at the other end of the walkway and waited.

Then at the stroke of 10, the music rose above the sound of traffic and the pleated edges started to swell.

They open very slowly.

I was spellbound.

This was seriously awesome.

Just when I was sure that they were finished; they kept on growing, until they were as straight as a sail.

Wanting to see what they looked like from inside, I walked across the walkway. It was majestic inside, almost like a cathedral. I have been in many art museums, but nothing like this.

I actually did spend time looking at the art ( I loved the Bradley collection), bought a silk leaf mobile at the museum store and had a terrific lunch at the Cafe. If you go to Milwaukee, I insist you go here. You will love, trust me.

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Ann Marie said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I don't know when (or if) I'll ever get to Milwaukee, but I'm a big fan of art museums. Glad to know that this one would be worth the effort to see.