Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cyber Granny

We bought my mother an iPad for her 80th birthday and not only is she devouring ebooks, but blasting through levels of games (Angry Birds and Cut the Rope) way beyond me. (OK, I just discovered the spiders in Cut the Rope that she has been going on about.) Now when I go home, we swap iPads and I take hers when I go out and she reads all my new books. This is seriously the gift that keeps on giving. I highly recommend that you consider this. With it's touch screen, it is intuitive and easy for those with arthritis to use. Now at gift-giving time we replenish her iTunes and Amazon/Kindle accounts. What could be easier? I have since chatted with many friends who have done the same thing with equal success. I can't say it has changed her life, but she does love it.


Hummer said...

Just got this through my email last night. I love it. She looks so intent and happy. Great idea.

Bevson said...

She is now using an iPad mini since her old iPad got too heavy for her. The newer ones are much lighter and easier to hold for arthritic hands.