Monday, May 28, 2007

A Lawn Mowing Decision

I decided this year I would mow my own lawn. Never mind that I do not own a lawnmower and I haven’t mowed a lawn in well over 10 years. Heck, I think I have only mowed for 2 out of the last 20 years. But, never mind. I CAN do this. I called and cancelled the lawn service.

I own an old-fashioned rotary wheel push mower. No engine. It is better for the environment and will be good exercise. I would use that. But on the off-hand chance that pushing the mower up the hill (you know I live on a mountain, right?) may be too much for me, I checked out the Consumer Reports.

It so happened that lawnmowers were in the May issue, see, it is in the stars. I read all about torque (I still don’t get it.) and big rear wheels versus small ones. Then I got to the part about the type of lawnmower you need depends on the type of lawn you have. Hmmmmm. According to CR, my non-power rotary push mower is only good for small flat lawns. Not good news, mine is neither of those. So I moved on to electric mowers, a better option in my mind than gas. But, it is only good for small lawns of about 100 ft max. Rats.

Ok. So I would have to get gas. I went to my local Sears Hardware to browse the options. They were all gas. CR must be right. STOP.

Then I left for Alaska.

Without the lawn service, the grass was literally knee high when I returned. I still didn’t have a mower. Then Bill Up the Hill, my neighbor, offered to bring down his tractor to mow it on Saturday. My Hero. In the meantime, Jonathon my next-door neighbor on the uphill side showed up with his self-propelled gas mower and did the first cut. Bill started to tidy the front, then the tractor started to careen out of control down the steep part of the front lawn. Thank heavens there are rocks (who knew I would ever say that?) The tractor’s front tire got stuck between some rocks and stopped. Whew. Scary. Bill had to get his bigger lawn tractor to pull the little one out of the mess it was in. Even so, 2 of the neighbors had to help push.

After watching all of the struggle and looking at the red sweaty faces, I decided to rely on their advice. “Bev, hire the man”.

Know any good lawn guys?


Diane and Ken said...

We told you so FIRST!

Bevson said...

You most definitely did! Well before the mowing crisis ensued I may add. What was I thinking?

Mimi Lenox said...

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Thanks and peace!