Monday, June 18, 2007

I am going to break down and buy a mower.

I have now been looking for someone to mow my lawn for 3 weeks. Of the 6 people I called, only 2 bothered to return my call. Both declined the job because their schedules were full. One did offer up the name of a fellow who was just starting up. That guy did not call either.

What is up with that? Why has it suddenly become so hard to get tradesmen to even be interested enough, heck polite enough, to return a call? So much for the “free estimate”. You are suppose to get 3 estimate for any job. Bah! How can I do that if no one will call back? Some of my friends give the job to the first person that calls or shows up.

Another example. Back in the winter, a piece of the fascia came loose. I called a recommended contractor. He called back, he showed up. He fixed the piece that was flapping. He called and told me there was a piece on the other side of the house that was loose and he would be back to repair it too. That was in January. The loose piece has now ripped away from the house. I found it in the driveway. I called and nagged him. He still swears he will be back to fix it. At least it admitted that he has bigger jobs at the moment.

It is so frustrating. I am not saying that everyone is bad. My plumber, electrician and painter are fabulous. I feel like I need to keep a herd of people on retainer.

I have 3 more calls outstanding as of today. If you know of a good landscaper…please let me know. The grass is ankle high again. Sigh.

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