Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So, I bought a Craftsman lawnmower from Sears. It has large wheels to manage “hilly terrain.” And comes pre-assembled, a big plus. It also came with a quart of oil. Yay. We had more trouble figuring out how to work the fancy new (non-drip) gas can spout than the mower.

My friend Diane, popped over to give counsel and advice.

She started mowing and I started lopping forsythia. Within 20 minutes, who should arrive but a landscaper. He walked the yard with me. He said he does bushes, lawns, stonework, mulching, everything! Wahoo. I hired him on the stop. He said he would have a crew at my house within 2 hours.

As I stood with him by the truck, the neighbor across the street came running over to see if he would mow for them also. Then the neighbor cattycorner from me came down to ask about driveway sealing. He does that too. So after 11 phone calls, and 1 lawnmower that is now residing in my garage, I now have someone to manage the lawn…and seal the driveway. He got 4 jobs from my one phone call.

The crew showed up and did a fine job. Winthin a few days they showed up again to start trimming my 14-foot forsythias. I came home that night and not only were they trimmed but shaped. Craig from Total Exteriors is the bomb!

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Bevson said...

He never came back to do the driveway. I called Chalky. It really needs to be done before winter.