Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Howl

My family has a tradition of throwing Mystery Dinners. No. There isn't any murder.

How it works is that after the guests are seated, they are given a menu from which they have to select 4 courses of 4 items each. Included in the selection is the first course, main course, dessert AND the utensils and napkin. If you end up with the soup, a knife, an olive and a piece of pie, oh well. You do not get another course until you have finished the first one. It has led to much buffoonery and hysterics.

I give you a Halloween Howl Mystery Dinner.
Elphaba’s Ride
Died So Young
Crusty Shroud
Stained Harvest
Bleeding Ground Dweller
Mummy Remnant
Zombie Snack
Poltergeist Musical Instrument
Ripper’s Victims
Every Devil has one
Terrifying Tidbit
Mold in the Making
Cauldron’s contents
From the Grave
Full Moon Rain
Mackie’s Back


Bevson said...

Post your selections. I will let you know how you did.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll start off with: Full Moon Rain, Died So Young, Crusty Shroud, and Zombie Snack; then I'll try the Mold in the Making, Elphaba's Ride, Bleeding Ground Dweller, and maybe a Poltergeist Musical Instrument; next, Terrifying Tidbit, Every Devil has One, Mummy Remnant, and Stained Harvest; well, that leaves me with From the Grave, Cauldron's Contents, Ripper's Victims, and Mackie's Back.
Well, this is fun! Can't wait. I will imagine being served this, and let you know how I might react.
Thanks, Bev

Bevson said...

Ok. Are you ready? Here, have as pumpkin martini.

Image being at a table with 7 other people, lit only by candlelight. Everyone is in costume. There is
a Halloween playlist of music with lots of organ fugues playing in the background.

The table is set with a orange table cloth covered with black lace. The dishes are black with a white spiderweb design.

1st course.
Glass of white wine
Deviled egg with a sliced olive and pimento veins to resemble an eyeball.
Fingerling potato with a sliced almond nail

2nd course
Saga Blue cheese
Broomstick shaped breadstick
Roasted beets

3rd course
Black Olive
Red Salad with Raspberry vinaigrette

4th course
Apple cider glazed ribs
Potato-Leek soup
Individual Apple tart

You did GREAT! You are a natural at this.

Anonymous said...

All right, Bev! First off, I love the atmosphere; the colors, the costumes, candlelight, organ fugues - terrific!
The pumpkin martini: I suspect you've balanced it well, so it's not thick with pumpkin, but lightly flavored and tummy warming; nice.
First course: Lucky me! I got the white wine right off the bat, refresh the pallette. I love the deviled egg, brilliant. (although, I may have to look away when I bite into it:) Eggroll-always a hit with me. Potato with almond, great combo. (I'm glad I came dressed as a zombie)
2nd course: I lucked out again. Soft, mild cheese and a breadstick, yum. Savory roasted beets, that's great, even if I do have to eat 'em with a spoon.(which, something tells me, I should hang on to, for later)
3rd course: This can't be luck. The wandering spirits must have guided me in my selections. Beautiful salad, inspired dressing, black olive (one of my favorite foods ever) to go with it, a fork to eat it with! And a napkin for the Raspberry vinaigrette, which will surely dribble down my chin at some point, like a trickle of blood. Yum.
Last: Bones with meat on them! Mouth-watering preparation. These are gooood! Plus I got a knife, and the fork from course 3 to dig in with. Potato-Leek soup; excellent, cannot be beat.(Lucky I saved my spoon from earlier:) Then an apple tart; perfect dessert, and I'm stuffed.
Bev, you set a mean table. This was great. Thank you for a lovely evening!

Bevson said...

Stop by anytime. Porkchops with a mushroom pink sauce tonight with kale and sweet potatoes. Comfort food for a cold windy day.