Friday, January 11, 2008

Brussels Sprout Evangelist

Ok, people, why do you hate Brussels Sprouts?

Here is the trick. Take off the sketchy leaves. Cut an X in the bottom. Saute the sprouts and some chopped shallots in a frying pan until the shallots are translucent and the sprouts have some brown spots. Pour in a can of chicken broth, cover and simmer until fork tender.

Yummy. yummy. yummy. My family can't get enough of them no matter how many we make. Well...we did actually have a few left over at Christmas, but we made a gallon bag full for heavens sake.


Bevson said...

As an added incentive, Aunie El's sells them cleaned in gallon bags for $1.00. You cannot go wrong!!!

Anonymous said...

EW. Tastes like cabbage.

Bevson said...

Get out, I don't think it tastes anything like cabbage.