Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm Gonna Go Where it's Warm

I slid down the mountain this morning, riding the brake the whole way. The ABS shuddered more than once when I hit a patch of ice, black and scary. I clutched the wheel and grimly steered through the skid.

I am so over this winter thing now. I have been a snow-weenie and proud for years. Last May I went to Alaska and vowed to embrace the cold, the snow, the dreaded wintry mix. In Anchorage I bought some extremely cool gloves and hats and some leopard print silk long johns; ready to be stylin’ this year. I even bought a thick luxurious coat in Chicago in early December. All, to no avail. It didn’t happen. I am well turned out, but still hate winter.

And February is always the worst for me. Hints of spring are everywhere. The birds are surprised to hear a tentative spring song come out of their throats. The air occasionally has a hint of warmth to it. The weak sun melts the last of the mounds of snow. But it is all a tease--a joke from old man winter and the groundhog.

Well, I’ve had enough! I am going where it’s warm. I leave next week for South America. Where, may I add, it is summer. I’ll be in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. My arrangements are made. My bag is half packed. I have my visa.

Now, if only the snow would only hold off until I fly….


Kathy said...

Oooooo, tell me more. What are you going to see?

Bevson said...

I booked a cruise on the Marco Polo out of Buenos Aires and ending up in Rio. I like cruising. I only have to unpack once, everything is included except for booze and shore excursions and I get the best of both worlds-land and sea. More birds less hassle. I booked 2 bird guides 1 in Argentina and 1 in Brazil.

Anonymous said...

I love cruising for that reason. what a brilliant idea to bird watch from the boat.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the snow thing. Love your tag for this post, especially the word "hatred." That sums it up. Enjoy SA! PamH