Monday, July 20, 2009

Steaks on the Barbie

Does anything scream summer more than steaks on the grill?

I love entertaining at my house anytime of year, but summer is fabulous. There is no chance of snow (the worse that would happen is that we have to retreat indoors from the mosquitos); the yard looks terrific with all the flowers blooming (we have had a lot of rain this year); the kids can run around the yard exploring the flowers and bugs (There was much excitement over a Monarch butterfly) and the parents can relax with a glass of wine and catch up.

The theme for dinner this time was herbs. (You know I have a weakness for themed dinners.)

Tomato basil bruschetta
Grilled mini pizzas with choice of toppings.
Ribeye with Chimichurri sauce
Parsleyed new potatoes
Cesear salad.
Homemade vanilla bean and mango ice cream


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