Sunday, July 12, 2009

Waiting for the Repairman

I paced the house, coffee cup in hand waiting for the contractor. He had said 9 o'clock on Sunday morning and it was already 9:15. I had been stood up many times before. Sighing, I went outside to look at the door again. I could no longer avoid the fact that the trim on the door needed serious help. It is beautiful, but aside from needing to be scrapped and painted, there was rot.

The phone rang. I dashed inside, sloshing coffee on the front steps on my way in. Jamie, the contractor was not late, but lost. I should have guessed. It is impossible to find the house. I stayed on the phone with him until he arrived in the driveway.

I showed him the rotting bits and we discussed the various options. He said it would take at least 2 days. He would know more once he started to pull the overhead and panels off. There are two seriously bad bits.

He fingered the side panels, the split on the mounding around the side windows and spoke of silicon caulking. He tapped the tin drip edge and thinking out loud, wondered if it needed replacing. In the end he asked for patience in fitting in his schedule and said it would likely be a few weeks before he could get to it. All I really want is to come home one day and it is done and spectacular and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Stay tuned

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