Monday, April 12, 2010

Rear-ended again

This is the third time I have been rear-ended. The first time I was stopped at a stop sign. The second time I was stopped in heavy traffic. And now, it was parked in an off-site lot at the airport while I was on a business trip to Atlanta. I returned from my trip to be told that one of the shuttle buses had backed into my vehicle. They offered to fix it the next time I came in to park. They "know" a guy. Um, no thanks. I called the cops and waited for an hour and they never showed up. Finally, I filed a complaint and took the phone number for the owner of the lot. Unfortunately, his voice mail is full. sigh. The estimate on the damage is $1441.87. I turned it over to the insurance company to deal with it.

What is it about silver cars that people can't see? Next time I buying black!

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