Sunday, March 11, 2007


How do you pick new glasses?

Do you trust the optician?
Do you take a friend?
Do you lean really close and decide yourself?

I found myself in this position last week. I had been putting off going to the eye doctor for at least a year. But I started to have headaches and I could no longer see clearly. So, I caved in and made an appointment. The end result was not so horrible. There was a new doctor who I really liked. She answered loads of whiny questions gracefully albeit with a tiny smile. Everything checked out OK, but the reading needed to be adjusted. Not for the better.

Wahoo. New glasses.

I wear glasses everyday (my quality of vision is crappy with contacts.) I think of them as fashion accessories for the face. So cool factor is critical.

I wandered around the showroom/store for over an hour trying on these, trying on those.
Brown with lime green inside, brown with an electric blue top, olive with red inside and a red nose piece, lovely cream and brown checkered, black and red, black striped, navy blue and magenta with green temples, I tried them all.

It was a slow day at the shop so I had the undivided attention of 4 opticians. They tilted their collective heads this way and that. I squinted into the mirror. They supplied ever more options.

I finally decided on 2 pair of Miklis, the olive and red and a crystal and black. They came in and I am getting used to a new look. The olive and red pair are so neutral that no one has noticed. The black ones on the other hand are a statement.

If you see me, you must comment on the new specs. It will make my day.

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