Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Out of the Loop

It's true. I cancelled the cable. I gave it up. Completely. I was only watching ½ hour of weather channel in the morning. If I turned it on in the evening, I would sit there like a mindless drone surfing from 1 uninteresting program to another. I was paying $50 a month for something I did not use and did not want, weather channel notwithstanding. (Besides, that would buy a heck of a good bottle of wine.) When I lived on the farm, I didn’t have TV and did not miss it. (My friends and family knew I lived in a bubble and would call and give me updates on things they thought I should know. Princess Di died? Get out.) But, when I moved to the mountain, I got a huge TV and a cable connection. Need I mention that there was a man involved in this decision? Well, he is gone and I have now been without TV for 2 years. The upside is that I have lots of time for reading, writing, entertaining, blogging…. ☺ The downside is that outside of listening to NPR and the BBC in the mornings, I don’t have a clue as to what is going on.

OK, here is an example. So, I come home from the flatland after Christmas and I am driving around doing errands or whatever I was doing and I notice that all of the flags are half-mast. What the ??!?!?!? When I got off the plane yesterday everything was fine. I put on my “hands-free device” and start to call around. No one was home--at the mall exchanging gifts no doubt. Finally I reached my sister in the flatland.

“Hey, anything I need to know?”

“The flags are all half-mast here.”

“What do you mean Gerald Ford died?”


“Get out.”

See what I mean? I am happy living in my bubble, but if something important happens, I am relying on you to keep me in the loop.

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Anonymous said...

No problem I live to serve. Kidding, I try.