Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring must be on the way.

I adore daffodils because the deer won't eat them and they are cheerful after a gray season. Up here on the mountain, we have a SERIOUS problem with the deer eating everything. Over the years, I have stopped planting anything that they might find toothsome. And daffodils they will not eat. Well... every spring they seem to forget how nasty daffodils are and there are a few nibbles. But they don't even swallow, but spit out the mouthful of greens.

Right after I moved in, I went crazy and planted early, middle and late season varieties. There are yellow ones, and pink ones, and white ones. There are tiny ones and the huge King Alfreds. There are split coronas and classic narcissus. With 2000 bulbs of various kinds in the ground, I eagerly await daffodil weekend. Hang in there, you'll see.

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