Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lights Out for Earth Hour!

“Hey, don’t forget to turn out the lights from 8-9 on Saturday night.”

I heard snippets of conversation in the halls, at tables in the cafeteria and even from various bathroom stalls (I kid you not) about Earth Hour tonight. Folks seem to be interested and embracing the idea. I got an email from a friend weeks ago about it. And for once, I was actually in the loop--even got to tell someone else. Wahoo. So what’s the buzz? Tonight from 8-9pm is Earth Hour. And the point is to turn off your lights. All of them. (Hmmm, maybe the TV too, but that is just me.)

From what I understand, the aim of the campaign is to show that our individual actions on a mass scale can help change our planet for the better.

If you plan on burning candles during Earth Hour, make sure you use 100% beeswax candles which are gentler on our planet – smoke free, non-toxic and non-allergenic and the ones I get are drip free!!! They are also made of natural products, not petroleum-based stuff, so they are effectively carbon neutral. I use them exclusively (alright, alright I do have a fondness for the scented Yankee Candles in the jar-the Caribbean mango one is perfect for Spring), for the dining room table and anywhere I have tapers.

I am planning my day around it. I have finished the laundry and vacuuming. I am off to the store now because I want to cook Indian food for dinner and I need to get started soon. Then, I will light the candles, open a nice bottle of wine and voila! Here’s to Mother Earth. Chin. Chin.

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Sparverius said...

I hope your lovely hour without power went wonderfully well. I missed that memo.