Thursday, August 21, 2008

Signs of Autumn

I am in denial.

Flat out denial.

Even though the grocery store has started to stock mums (3 for $10.) and there are some spots of orange and red where the sun has kissed the trees and the furnace kicked on last night because it got down into upper 30s (and the windows were wide open) and it is getting darker much, much earlier; I am turning a deaf ear---but not a blind eye. For how can I. Fall for me is when the trees themselves turn into flowers. I am feeling abandoned by summer; not yet ready to move on, but Fall is beckoning.

Are you ready?


deejbrown said...

Can you see these dancin' feet? GOODBYE, HOT HAZY HUMID!

Granny J said...

You remind me of those frustrating mums that the supermarket features this time of year. Wonderful, unusual flowers -- and I've never been able to transplant the little rascals for another season.

Kate said...

You're right; fall is beckoning. The light has "changed" in our neck of the woods, sort of like we put on sunglasses on a sunny day. Longer shadows. Chillier nights and earlier sunsets. I'm not really ready; summer should hang around a little bit longer even though I love to watch the trees turn brilliant colors. Ahhhhhh.

Bevson said...

Granny, You made me laugh. I have never been able to keep them more than one season either. They are gorgeous though.