Sunday, April 10, 2011

Civil War Service

Granville Robertson’s Civil War service according go his Obit.

He served two months as a private soldier in the Civil War; afterwards volunteering as a sharpshooter. He hired a substitute afterward, paying him $200 in money and signing over his bounty to him, amounting to $500 altogether. His substitute’s name was Benjamin Messer. He lives near Newton now Raymond.

When the adjutant general of the state ordered the organization of the militia he enlisted in Co. D. 1st Regiment in Union County, and was elected second Lieutenant. He served in that capacity during the organization but was never call into actual army service. John Hartshorn was colonel of the regiment and A.P. Hill was government drill master.

Richwood Gazette March 6, 1913. P. 1 c 4.

This a copy of the 1890 Veterans Schedule.


Clare said...

I'm curious about the "substitute". You could hire someone to do your service in the army for you? Is that what that means?

Bevson said...

Yes, Clare. That is exactly what that means. And, of course, there were issues with bounty jumpers, who took the money then deserted and took money from someone. Quite the racket. Usually wealthy folks from out east hired substitutes, so it is interesting that a farmer from Ohio did so.