Sunday, July 6, 2008

Green Frog

On a hike in Wawayanda State Park, I walked around a vernal puddle in the middle of the path checking for tadpoles only to discover a frog had taken up residence. It did not shy away even though there were many people in the woods. I originally thought it was a Wood Frog, but it did not have the mask, so I have come to the conclusion it is a Green Frog. Look at that ear drum.

There are three things that struck me when I read the description in the field guide. "Males have swollen thumbs." Why thumbs? I guess this one is female, her thumbs look normal. Their voice is like "the twang of a loose banjo string" I have absolutely no idea what that would sound like. Would most people? And, "They seldom scream in alarm when caught." Do other frogs scream in alarm?


Anonymous said...

I think the thumbs have something to do with *mating*. As for the screaming...that is possibly one of the strangest sentences ever: "They seldom scream in alarm..." Am I right? I don't know, I've caught many a frog in my day and have NEVER heard one scream in alarm. I'm quite sure that would have ended my frog-catching days permanently. ;)

Marvin said...

Screaming frogs would certainly be startling.

Anonymous said...