Saturday, July 12, 2008

Presidential Hopefuls

I first heard Obama speak last year at the NCLR conference. He captivated a room of close to 1000 people. At that time, there were small lines and no security. My, the changes that a year can make! This year, the lines formed 2 ½ hours before the event and you had to have a ticket to get in. There was security, protesters, loads of press, button-selling supporters and a galvanized crowd.

When it was McCain’s turn, there were no protesters, very little press, no lines, but you still needed a ticket to get in and presumably there was security. The energy around the candidates was very different. McCain did not participate in last year’s meeting.
I overheard many hallway, booth, restaurant and elevator conversations about the upcoming election. It is wonderful that people are taking their responsibility seriously.

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