Thursday, July 17, 2008

Napa Valley wine tasting

I thought it would make the most sense to stay in the town of Napa if we were going to be in Napa Valley, I have since changed my mind. Napa is at the southernmost end of the valley but the heart and pulse, not to mention the best shopping, is in St. Helena further north. Traveling the almost 60-mile elongated circle up the Silverado Trail and down Route 29 stopping at wineries was a lot of fun. There are over a hundred wineries from which to choose. Many of them have open tasting rooms and tours while in others you have to make an appointment. Not being in town for very long, we opted for open tasting. We stopped at Grgrich Hills ($10 for a flight if 4), where I remembered them making something I really liked years and years ago. But I didn’t like anything there. Huh. We then stopped to try a flight of bubbly at Domaine Chandon. They have the most incredible property. The flight was $16. for 4 different sparkling wines. They also serve food on site. We didn’t eat there, but judging from the menu and other’s people’s plates it looked good. We then drove over to Black Stallion, a newish winery on Silverado Trail with a 2 for 1 tasting card that the hotel gave us. We both really liked the Sauvignon Blanc so much that we bought a bottle.

Driving back to the hotel laughing merrily, we spied another winery called Luna and spontaneously pulled in. Walking up to the tasting room, we noticed that they were closed. Shrugging, we got back in the car; it was getting late after all. As we started to pull out of the drive, a handsome man jogged across their tiled patio with a black wine bag. Concerned that we had missed the tasting he handed us a bottle of cold wine through the dusty car window. We thanked him profusely, promising to return the next day. Peeking in the bag, we saw it was a beautifully chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio. We decided to have the Luna with olives, portobello mushrooms and roasted peppers, and cheese and crackers for dinner. It was delish. If you get to Napa you have to totally go there.


Sparverius said...

My boss loves Napa Valley. I don't drink, but I think I could enjoy myself there, nevertheless.

djbrown said...

Where are we going next, my friend?

Anonymous said...

Yum. I'll try that Luna wine since they were so nice to you. I like Domaine Chandon. I would have recommended that you make the trek to Korbel. I love their champagnes and they make a couple of excellent ones that you can only buy at the vineyard.