Saturday, July 19, 2008

Muir Woods

I tiptoed into the hushed fog-shrouded woods, peering up at the massive giants around me. The wooden walkway angled off in the distance. Alone with the trees, the faint twitter of birds high in the canopy and the trickle of the small creek that runs alongside the path; like my first visit to St. Peter's in Rome, I wanted to fall down and worship in the cathedral. I walked softly; breathing in the cool damp April air. I spotted movement along a fallen trunk, a liquid drop of sunshine with a tiny black beret flitted amidst the leaves. It was my first look at a Wilson's Warbler. I walked deeper into the woods marveling at the trees, reading the posted signs, tenderly touching the shaggy gnarled bark, Breathing in the piney smell. It was a day I will never forget.

I have been back to Muir Woods many times alone and with family and friends. I have been there in different seasons, but the first time was the most magical. It is not far over the Golden Gate bridge. Next time you are in San Francisco, take some time to drive up. it is so worth it.


Anonymous said...

The first time and only time I went to Muir Woods, I spent a long time watching a wren hopping around in the underbrush. Beautiful small bird among those tall, tall trees. Pam H.

deejbrown said...

Thank you for sharing Muir Woods with me, a newbie to this unique forest. I will never forget it.

Bevson said...


When we were there, we saw many dark chocolate-brown winter wrens. One was flying back and forth to a small nest tucked into a cavity in a redwood. 3 tiny beaks gaped open waiting.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they were related to the one I saw . . . Many generations later. Nice thought. - Pam