Sunday, April 17, 2011

Met and Married on the Same Day or Not

The oldest son of Joseph Temple, Sen., was born May 6, 1827, in Adams County, Ohio. His parents moved to Jackson township when he was fifteen years of age. He remained at home with his parents until over age, clearing, making rails and building fence being his principal occupations.

July 6, 1849 he was married to Lucy A. Andrews, 23, who was then teaching school in Arbela. Her parents, Horace and Azubah Andrews, resided near Marysville and she borrowed a horse of one of the school directors, ostensibly to pay a visit home. He, not wishing her to travel so far unprovided with an escort and, not knowing that she was already supplied, asked Mr. Temple to accompany her. Of course the modest Joseph meekly acquiesced; and early Friday morning they stared for Marysville, well mounted. A heavy shower delayed them and the hour for dinner found them on the bank of Blue Creek. Halting before the door if a rude log cabin, they inquired for dinner and were invited to dismount. They were treated to an antenuptial feast of corn bread, speck and onions. Arriving at Marysville, they repaired to the residence of Esq. Jas Turner and were there married, when in Mr. Temple's own language, "we got on our horses and went on our way rejoicing."

Sunday they returned, she to the school room and he to the harvest field.

When her school closed Mr. Temple rented his grand-mother's farm and they went to housekeeping in the rude log house yet standing near his present residence, a memento of those early happy days.

Memories & Sketches, Civil War Era, Northern Union County, Ohio, Ancestrails Study Group, 2000, p. 98. Material taken from the Richwood Gazette, 1890s.

This begs but also answers some questions.

Was Joseph and Lucy Ann courting prior to the ride? This sketch seems to suggest that might be the case, OR did she meet and marry Joseph all in the matter of a few hours. If so, for a modest man, he must have been a smooth talker.

Lucy Ann Andrews was my Great, Great, Great Aunt, sister to John Morris Andrews. I found Azubah Andrews, their mother, in the 1860 census living with her Grandson Horace on the Temple farm. Her son, John Morris Andrews, while living in the same township was not closeby. While trying to figure out the Temple connection and how Azubah could be living on the same farm, yet in a separate household, I stumbled across the fact the her daughter, Lucy Ann married a Temple. After reading this sketch, it now makes sense since there was a separate cabin. While there still are questions, small locally published booklets can provide clues to how our ancestor's lived.


hummer said...

Very Cute and romantic story. Does give one room for reflection. How nice to come across a story like this while researching. Thanks for sharing.

Kyle D.T. Reynolds said...

Sounds like we're related! John Morris Andrews is my Great Great Great Grandfather. I am trying to prove my line of descent for an application to the General Society for Mayflower Descendants. I can't seem to find any verifiable birth citation for JMA. Have you ever come across anything in your searching? Unfortunately, the censuses during which he would have lived with Horace and Azubah (1820, 1830, 1840 maybe?) only list the HOH, without the names of any spouses or children. Any info you could provide would be much appreciated. Thanks. Kyle D.T. Reynolds

Bevson said...

Kyle, We are related! AND I too am working on the Mayflower application process. I have submitted and been sent back for more info twice. I am now working on a proof summary for them, since there is no primary proof, starting with John Packard. (I have found the Cooke silver books lacking.) My line is through John Morris Andrews and his 1st wife, Susan Dixon. We have much to talk about! As for a proof of birth. JM was born in 1818 in Champaign county, Ohio. He was listed in the 1841 enumeration immediately next to Horace. One would presume they were living together. (Ohio men over the age of 21 for voter privileges) His Civil War draft registration cites his born in Ohio. Also, there is an affidavit that his brother, TC swore relating to Horace's land which lists all the kids. It is only secondary evidence at best. Which line are you from? Are you on Ancestry?