Thursday, January 1, 2009

Beehives to Bell-bottoms

This is the 3rd year that friends and I have gone to Bodles Opera House in Chester, NY for New Year's Eve. They offer dinner and a show for $60. Some years have been better than others, and this year was a hoot. The theme was From Beehives to Bellbottoms. There was a great group of would-be Shirelles (Hotflash) with gigantic Marge Simpson beehives singing the oldies and telling off-color jokes. We all laughed and sang along.

Then...came an announcement that... "Elvis was in the Building." My goodness, I had never seen a live Elvis impersonator. I'm not sure what I expected. But I thought he certainly looked like Elvis, and maybe it's the sideburns and the outfit, but, Damm. He sang, played guitar and stalked the crowd crooning to the ladies causing much merriment. But that could have been the alcohol.

The Hotflash girls dashed off to change while we listened to a comedian from the Catskills, then came back on stage dressed as the Beatles to regale us with classic Beatles tune of the times. One more wardrobe change and they were back in hippie attire to transport us to Woodstock. Midnight came and went with a champagne toast and Auld Lang Syne. Everyone sang along and I think had a great time. At least, I know I did. There is nothing like live music. If you get a change check out some local venues in '09.

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