Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter walk on Clinton Road

I went looking for the White-winged Crossbills that were sighted on Clinton Road but did not find them. Instead I reveled in the beauty of winter. The snow lay draped on the green boughs and the ice coating glittered like a fairy land. It is how I would imagine Narnia to look.

Clinton Reservoir was completely frozen, but Mossman's Brook danced and sang as merrily as ever.

White-winged Crossbills eat the seeds from small cones like Hemlocks. Here...Crossy, Crossy, Crossy...Don't these look snacky?

Well at least something had been sampling the bittersweet.

I love the way ice looks on twigs and branches but I am concerned for the trees now that we have had ice for over a week and a deep freeze is coming from an Arctic blast.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Gorgeous pictures. Winter's a beautiful season. (And yet, I don't really miss it ...)

deejbrown said...

I'm likin' the new camera! Crystal clear shots of the crystal clear stream!

Vickie said...

These winter photos are beautiful! I also loved the tulips. Yes, I'm ready for some spring.