Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feline Reception

When I walked in the house the kitties were all waiting in the basement; they know the sound of the garage door opening. I could hardly wheel the luggage without running over furry feet. I abandoned the luggage and hustled up the stairs to have a petting session. (There are 4 cats, so this requires the sofa.) Winkie jumped on my lap immediately, Tonka threw himself at my feet and Oscar nudged my hand with his head. The only one who remained aloof was Bourka. She sat politely and watched. When I finally got up to pet her, the kitties milled about my feet tripping me as I walked; following me from room to room, herding me to the kitchen for treats. It is good to be home.

As much as I travel, a good pet-sitter is critical. I have been using the same service for 8 years. They come in twice a day when I am gone, alternate lights, bring in the mail and in a pinch have watered the tomatoes. I do not worry about the cats. Should there be an emergency, Sandra is a vet-tech at the local animal hospital. The only problem is sometimes, my travel schedule conflicts with their vacation. I know they need vacation like the rest of us, but there is no back-up, which is hard. The neighbors are not cat people and none of my friends live on the mountain. I do have good friends that are willing to drive for 20 minutes to feed them but that is asking a lot.

I am glad to see their furry little welcoming faces, even if they insist on herding me to do their bidding.

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Anonymous said...

A belated welcome back home. We've had a new kitten in the house for one day shy of two weeks and she had the routine set immediately, knowing when we'd be home and how to get me to feed her when she wants. :)