Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Petition for Preemies

Do you know someone who had a baby too soon?

I just got an email from friends whose baby came at the end of September instead of October. It turns out Richard the Third is fine and they only had to stay at the hospital for a week; but many babies have to stay for months in the NICU, struggling to breathe, fighting for life.

It is happening more and more. According to the March of Dimes, 1200 babies will be born prematurely TODAY, everyday.

Premature birth is a growing problem. The March of Dimes has put out a call for all of us to sign their Petition for Preemies. It urges the federal government and the new administration to increase research support into the causes of prematurity and expand access to healthcare coverage for pregnant women.

Won’t you take a minute to sign and pass it along? If you have a blog will you post something? Increased awareness of the problem is key to starting the conversation.

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Cathy said...

I signed. I'll pass it around.