Saturday, October 25, 2008

Monksville Reservoir

I have to drive over Monksville Reservoir everyday on my way to work. With the recent spate of freezing temps, the heat vapors have been dancing on the surface; glimmering in the sun. It has been this way all week. (Remember it has been in the 20s on the mountain.) Yesterday I decided to pull over and try to capture the rising mist.
Here's another one.

Sorta cool, huh. I wonder if this phenomenon has a name? Anyone know?


Anonymous said...

It is the turnover. As the cold air cools the surface water, the water sinks to a lower level and the warmer water them rises to the surface. The lake is turning over. This happens twice a year (Spring and Fall) in deep lakes. Dr. O.

Anonymous said...

Whatever it's called, it makes for great photos. The top one is my favorite.

Shellmo said...

you have that gorgeous mist too!!

Sparverius said...

I love that mist over lakes! Beautiful pictures.