Sunday, October 19, 2008

Autumn Leaves

Hoo-ey! The Leaf-peepers were out in full force this weekend. The fall foliage normally peaks around here the second weekend of October, but since we had had no wind or rain, this weekend the trees were still in their glory. The weather was crisp, sunny, dry. Perfect for a fall day in the country.

You know how you take things for granted? Oblivious to the beauty around me, I tried to turn left onto the main drag to go to the grocery store yesterday but all I could finally do was turn right and go with the flow. Car after car was filled with families going north. Intent on driving north to turn around and come south again to do my errands, I too got caught up in the fall color. It was spectacular! Abandoning my errands I drove to some of my favorite haunts. Enjoy the pictures.

One of the joy and sorrows of living on the mountain is the hordes of city folk that come to recreate in the woods. I hope you were one of them. If you haven't been out to see the fall foliage c'mon over. It will be over soon.


Marvin said...

Beautiful photos, Bev.

We haven't reached the peak of fall color yet, and from the way it's looking now, this isn't going to be memorable year. There are a few fall foliage tours, but we are far enough away from any major metropolitan area traffic congestion is, thankfully, not a problem.

susan said...

Wait! Stop! Are those red leaves in number 2 POISON IVY?

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures! I had to laugh at the last comment. I have a friend once that was gathering fall leaves and did not know that Poison Ivy leaves are so beautiful. But boy did she find out. Kathy

Bevson said...

Yes, the leaves in #2 are poison ivy leaves. I just love their bright red color. Look don't touch. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing the fall color, something we don't get much of here in North TX. Mostly they hang on, the green getting dull and a little yellow and brown coming in, then with the first stiff winter wind, they all hit the ground. It never looks like autumn here. So, thanks again.

A quick bird question before I go: In the 9 yrs. I've lived here I've hardly seen any Robins, thought they didn't like it here. Arbor Day I planted a tree in the back yard, and dug a 'moat' around it, which my leaky hose keeps full of water, and you know how the neighborhood birds are about that, right? Last couple of weeks, the moat has been overrun with Robins. Up to 20 at a time! Have they been here all along and just revealed themselves for the water? Climate change making them act different? Typical Robin behaviour???

Bevson said...

Robins LOVE water and moist soil (and snacky earthworms, don't ya know.) they are also migrating at this time of year. Mine are all gone. You are giving them what they need. Is your tree a crab apple? Robins love them too.

Anonymous said...

It's just a pecan sapling, so it must be the water, which I've never 'provided' before.
So they're just passin' through? That explains why there's such an unusual number of them.

Wish I had a big zoom lens.