Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Apple Snob

There it is then. Out in the open. I have favorites. We all do. Mine is the juicy, sweet, tang of a firm-fleshed Crispin. I get them from a local orchard; the grocery store does not sell them. (Do not be confused with Honey Crisp which the stores do sell; they are not the same thing.) When they are in season I eat them a lot. More than that, I hold off buying any fall apples until the Crispins are ready in mid-October. They are the BEST eating apple. Of course you can cook with them, but why? One drawback, is that they are HUGE. So you might want to share. My favorite afternoon snack is a sliced Crispin with a nice sharp Irish cheddar cheese.

In terms of cooking, I usually use a combo of Granny Smith and Golden Delicious for pie and McIntoch for crisp.

Do you have a favorite apple?


Anonymous said...

I'm more of a pear person for just eating. Although I'm willing to try the Crispin with Irish Cheddar cheese. That sounds amazing!

My favorite apple is a Gravenstein. Great for cider. :)

I just got myself some Honey Crisp apples because my sister said she LOVED them.

Bevson said...

Hmmm, I have never heard of a Gravenstein. I wonder if they grow them around here. I'll have to look. I do love cider, especially the first pressing, when it is nice and sharp.