Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ornamental Grasses in Fall

One of the beauties of fall is the seed heads of the ornamental grasses. I grow a lot of grasses because the marauding herds of deer do not eat them and I love how they sway and shift in the slightest breeze. Most of my grasses are planted out by the road to capture this effect. Grasses are also tolerant of the salt and grit that is thrown on the roads in bad winter weather.

I selected my grasses not only for their shape or height or leaf but also for their seed heads. Let me introduce you to Moudry, the Black Fountain Grass. Most grasses have a beige or tan seed heed so I was thrilled when I found Moudry tucked away in a corner of the nursery. It is reliable, reproduces well yet is not one of those wild crazy beach grasses that go everywhere. It has long blades and a lovely shape. And I love the soft black bristles of the heads. I stroke them every time I walk by. Perhaps that is why I have seedlings everywhere in Spring.


Sparverius said...

I love grasses, too. But never know which to buy. I tried my hand at some this summer. They now lay quite dead.

Bevson said...

Dead not dormant? There are grasses that love hot and dry. What zone are you in?